Based on a proven framework

Success in digital depends on the orchestration of many components. That is why it is important to use a framework that ensures that proper attention is given to all relevant domains, including Financial-, Product/Market-, Customer-, Organizational-, and Technical perspectives.

Proven successful with clients such as Carlsberg, LVMH, Action and Xella, our framework is developed in-house by the same experts that will support you in this joint effort. And because every single case is different, all steps are executed in co-creation with you, leading to a shared understanding of needs and priorities. 

The outcome of this process is a realistic strategy and a visual roadmap that prioritizes all initiatives across different perspectives.

Teamwork and stakeholder alignment

Our transparent processes and visualization assure that all stakeholders with different responsibilities from different departments understand the decisions made. This usually makes each participant embrace the plan without reservations, even if his or her favourite topic is not the current top priority in the bigger picture. 

Staying in control 

In a world that is moving ahead quickly, all plans are subject to change. We will coach you in taking ownership of our templates and tools that enable you to monitor and adjust the plan as conditions and forecasts are changing. 


"First do the right things. Then do the things right."

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Step 1

Where you could go

We start with a quick look outwards. Where are your markets? What is the right mix of products/services, customers and channels in each region? We analyze this in 3 steps:

  • What does the market look today?
  • How did the market evolve this way?
  • What does this say about future trends, threats and developments? 

We will use whatever information is available in your organization to keep this phase pragmatic and compressed, or do our own research, depending on your needs.

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Step 2

Where are you heading

Determining what you want to achieve goes hand in hand with how you want to achieve your goals. It is hard to create a proper ambition if you do not know how to get there. And it is hard to develop a strategy without clear and measurable goals. That is why we define both of them together during this step.

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Step 3

What do you need

This step is often the most extensive. We will be looking in more detail at all relevant domains in your organization. What is the current status? How does this align with the ambitions stated in step 2? How can we translate the strategy into concrete features, processes and actions?

A gap analysis will show you the strengths but also the weakest links in your organization and application landscape. It is important to address these and balance efforts on quick wins with overdue maintenance tasks that will drive value in the future. Using high level pain/gain analysis or a complete Profit & Loss overview we will assess what changes will contribute most to a positive business case.

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Step 4

What to do when

Your journey to digital maturity can be translated into a business- and operating model that will define the prioritization of concrete actions and requirements

We will help you to create a roadmap that includes changes in your IT/application landscape, internal organization, partner collaborations, and end-to-end processes. All set against forecasted profits, investments and running costs. With the right ambition level and the right timing we keep the roadmap feasible and realistic at all stages

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Step 5

How to be successful

A strategy can only be successful if it is actually executed. And in practice this can be the biggest hurdle of all. Our goal is not to create a great strategy, but to get real world results and this goal is embedded in the heart of our approach. We plan for success and we help you in putting your plans in action:

What to expect

Apart from immaterial results such as internal alignment of stakeholder goals and a shared vision, the deliverables of the ‘3-Month Digital Commerce Strategy’ project depend on your needs and on what is already available, but typically, a full project may result in the following deliverables: 








Research Product/Market Combinations and Rollout Phasing

One-page digital strategy 

Value Proposition, Personas, Customer Experience Map

Business dashboard and Multiyear P&L forecast  

Analysis of IT, Data, Applications and Business Processes

Pain / Gain analysis of possible improvement initiatives

360° Roadmap including IT, HR en FIN perspectives


Steven Coymans,
Head of Commerce
Driving successful companies like Carlsberg towards commerce growth.

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Selection of clients

We delivered digital strategies for clients like LVMH, Xella, B&S, Action, Carlsberg, Kaemingk and many more. Customers are active in Manufacturing, Wholesale or Retail, in different sectors such as Food & Non-food (FMCG), Fashion and luxury, furniture, construction, etc.

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Curious what we can do for you?

Whether you need...

- An outside-in perspective to assess your existing strategy.

- An eBusiness expert that helps to settle internal discussions and get things going.

- Guidance and expertise to create a digital strategy from scratch ánd execute on it.


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