When online visitors are just browsing and not buying on a digital commerce platform a Digital Experience Platform, like Bloomreach, will help you to better speak to your audience by offering the most relevant content and products at the right moment to power a connected experience that improves both the customer experience as well as conversion rates.

Digital success today requires organisations to build relations through a myriad of (digital) channels, often with a customer journey that spans multiple devices that consumers use in their path to purchse. 

Bloomreach helps to build and shape a relationship in a smart way to build digital experiences that convert more.

Missing out on measurable growth

The E-commerce playbook to measureable growth includes many strategies. A common strategy pursued when facing growth below projections is to increase spending in costly ad campaigns or running a few extra promotions

This strategy only partially helps, because...

  • If a company fails to understand how to speak to the desires and needs of their customers and how to drive a sustainable relationship, the long term success is at stake
  • It is driving costs up, hence not delivering the business results required.

Simply doing nothing does not help either.


How Bloomreach boosts digital commerce experiences and results

Product discovery is at the very core of great commerce experiences. Key to support this process is offering relevant and targeted product and content to your customer is critical to success.

Bloomreach drives the offering relevant products and content to your customers with an API-first, AI-powered digital experience platform purpose-built for commerce. It is a modular API-first platform built to leverage data, products and content together with a commerce-specific AI to drive both great digital experiences for customers and the business outcomes.

How Bloomreach drives E-commerce success

Here’s what Bloomreach has done for B&S Group…

It’s very relevant to improve the ease of doing business with us to increase the share of customers.” says Rene van Gelderen, Corporate IT Director, B&S  “Providing a high level of ease of use and trying to take the pain out of your customer’s daily life – as long as you have an easy way of doing business then you will be a partner of choice.”
        David Kalcher, UpType, UK (B&S Case)

Let Bloomreach fuel your customer experiences

Providing optimal digital experiences is becoming a financial imperative. Customers of today expect experiences that are consistent and unified across every touchpoint. If companies don’t put their customers first today, they’ll lose their relevance and revenue sooner than later.

  • Craft seamless, personalized experiences
  • Drive measurable growth & obtain actionable insights
  • Connect best of breed solutions
  • Build digital experiences that convert more


Discuss what Bloomreach can mean for your digital channels and benefit from the experience that SQLI has obtained in what works and what not in delivering the best customer experience that drives your digital success. 


SQLI is a Silver Partner of Bloomreach, and we were named EMEA partner of the year in 2018.




Ellen Bex
Head of Customer Engagement

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Ellen Bex
Head of Customer Engagement