JANUARY 14, 2020


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – On the 21st of May we launched Darwin, a digital strategy proposition for companies facing practical commercial issues. “Darwin focuses on CEOs  and shareholders who have an entrepreneurial mindset, like privately owned businesses or equity parties”, says Victor Terpstra, CCO at SQLI. “Business agility is key for companies today, and these companies know this best. Darwin offers them a quick and solid verification of their challenges, a matching solution and a seasoned network of digital experts for the execution. Most of whom are entrepreneurs who’ve tackled the exact same business challenges themselves.”


The leading reason for SQLI to launch Darwin is the red tape and marketing language surrounding these business challenges. Luc Box, COO of SQLI explains: “CEOs don’t look for digital transformation. They face typical commercial issues like a stalling revenue, shrinking margins or rising costs. Or they are aiming to build digital capabilities in their company, for example. Whether you need high-end consulting, operational execution or even an intensive turnaround, it’s always about business first.”

Darwin works without tenders, RFPs, methodology or permanent consultants. “Our approach is entrepreneurial. We skip the needless talking and zoom in on your business question. Where does your company currently stand? Where do you want to go? How is the digital era affecting you?” says Terpstra. “We’ll apply business theory and best practices when needed, but we do so without unnecessary overhead. Every business challenge needs a different approach, tooling and team. This way, Darwin helps businesses to grow agile and expand rapidly.”


As the initiator of Darwin, SQLI sees itself as the stage manager. Darwin consists of well-seasoned experts in their fields, most with an entrepreneurial background in digital. Ranging from eBusiness strategists, to brand experts, CEOs and financers. “They have decades of business experience. They know how to make companies successful digitally. And they have a very good grasp of how doing business today, is evolving”, Terpstra says. “We’re already working with our network on several client projects. Darwin is the new name for an existing practice that has already proven itself to be successful for our customers”, Box explains.


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