Emerce100: SQLI Ranked #1

April 2022

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Emerce100: SQLI Ranked as #1 Full-Service Digital Agency (Large)

We are extremely proud to see SQLI improve to 6 stars in this year’s esteemed Emerce100 list, being ranked as the best Full Service Digital Agency (Large) in the Netherlands. After two years of being awarded an already impressive 5 stars, our ever expanding assortment of digital services resulted in a most welcome sixth star for the 17th edition of these awards.


Widely respected as a leading multimedia platform since 1998, Emerce has become an established authority for a large number of businesses looking for partners in the digital space in The Netherlands. They have a keen eye for spotting emerging technologies and new business concepts early on, and play an important role in connecting businesses with digital needs to the agency that’s right for them. The Emerce100 ranking is composed with the greatest of care, combining scores awarded by decision-makers that are active on the cutting-edge of digital marketing, media, and e-commerce.

As a pioneer in the digital business space since the 90’s, SQLI firmly believes a blend of creativity, technology and data insights is needed to provide best-in-class experiences in our current digital world. That’s why we greatly value being able to support exciting brands on their e-commerce journey as a full service digital agency, offering guiding experience and expertise on every step they take.

SQLI Rankings

  • Full service Digital Agency (Large) in the Netherlands: 6 stars

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We were already incredibly happy with our 5 star ranking in the previous two editions of Emerce100. But to see SQLI reach an impressive 6 stars this year is validation for all our hard work and continued efforts to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with e-commerce. With how rapidly possibilities and technologies are evolving, the continued appreciation for our contribution to the digital business space means the world to us."

Mark Blockhuys, Managing Director, SQLI Netherlands

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