NL Cares is a Dutch non-governmental organization (NGO). It aims to connect people from different parts of society. It’s this kind of contacts that will lead to a better understanding and connection. To achieve this, NL Cares wants to increase the voluntary social work of young urban professionals by matching supply (volunteers) with demand (projects). NL Cares asked SQLI to improve this matching process and her existing digital platform. Together in a co-creative and effective approach, SQLI and NL Cares used the design sprint methodology to take the platform to the next stage. We also provided NL Cares and their partners with the right tools for a successful further implementation and roll-out.



Young urban professionals who wants to do voluntary work are looking for an easy way with a low threshold. Matching the supply (volunteers) and the demand (projects) is step one. To help these volunteers to do their voluntary work based on their specific agenda and personal needs is step two. To do this, NL Cares wanted to develop a smart digital platform which acts as a marketplace. Additionally, NL Cares also needed a consistent brand-identity. The organization wanted to merge four existing local branches’ in one new overall identity to improve its positioning. The introduction of the new platform would be the ideal opportunity for this.



The result is a combination of a new platform and a new identity in one parallel approach. As a non-governmental organization, budget is always a challenge for NL Cares. Guided by its corporate social responsible principles, SQLI adopted this project. We made a complete design-team available for NL Cares for a whole week. Using the design sprint methodology, we developed the desired platform together with NL Cares in a co-creative and effective approach. In this collaboration, we worked with NL Cares and their stakeholders in three parallel tracks: visual design, UX design and content. After a week of intense cooperation, we handed over the outcomes to NL Cares and their partner for a successful further implementation and roll-out.

For us, SQLI acted as a partner with knowledgeable experts, good advice and a proven track record in e-commerce. Our objectives were clear: a better usability, easier transactions and more interactions. The design-sprint approach was very effective. In only one week we co-created a new version of our platform that led to significant improvements. Most importantly, after implementation we immediately observed an increase in conversion. More volunteers and more matches.”

Astrid Wassenaar
Director, NL Cares



  • Improve the matching of supply (of volunteers) with the demand (of projects) by using a smart digital platform that immediately led to better conversion
  • Create a seamless and flexible system that’s easy to use for the audience of young urban professionals
  • Define and design a strong and consistent digital brand
  • Using the design sprint methodology for maximal result in one week in close, co-creative cooperation
  • Guided by corporate social responsible principles, the one-week availability of a complete design-team with all needed expertise (visual design, UX, content)

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