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[WP] The choice for MDM: Building the business case with Gartner's framework

Marco Tjong-A-Tjoe | 20-07-2020

Developing a business case is a project by itself. It requires time and real efforts to bring to a good conclusion. The right approach to the decision-making process is essential for an effective process. Build a solid foundation for your Master Data Management business case with Gartner's 8-step framework and prove MDM's ROI and value to the internal decision makers.

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Once you recognize the value of data for your business, the choice for a system to collect and manage your data becomes crystal clear. Implementing Master Data Management (MDM) helps to fuel your processes and channels with quality master data and benefits your supply chain, retail channels, e-commerce, marketing and operations. However, you can’t just start a project with possible big implications for the whole organization. You’ll need to convince the leadership, find internal support and lay the financial groundwork that proves an MDM project is, indeed, a good step forward. You’ll need to align pain points and business goals, identify key business drivers and prove the ROI. Developing a business case also forces you to consider all angles that will sooner or later affect the project’s success rate.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • Gartner's framework to building an business case in 8 steps and best practices
  • How to establish strategy, KPIs and capabilities for MDM
  • Model the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Calculate the ROI with 3 key financial measures

Access the whitepaper by downloading it below. 

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The choice fro MDM_CTA


Gartner's 8-step framework to build your MDM business case

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