Master Data Management for Manufacturers
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[WP] Master Data Management for Manufacturers: Becoming lean and agile with quality data

Marco Tjong-A-Tjoe | 20-07-2020

With global supply chains and a complex landscape of suppliers and vendors, the coronavirus pandemic impacts manufacturers the hardest. But their biggest challenge isn’t in balancing supply and demand. It lies in preparing for the period when there is a medicine or vaccine available. As digital becomes the lifeline for many organizations today, COVID-19 is fast-tracking digital transformation worldwide.

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Companies that successfully manage to use new technologies to improve processes and outcomes, will not only survive the current period but also flourish in the post-Covid, digital world. For manufacturers, digital transformation means improving supply chain excellence, faster time-to-market and creating better customer experiences. The common driver in the biggest digital trends is data, the most valuable asset for companies today.


The ability to master data from all the different domains a manufacturer has will greatly influence its success. Quality data forms the critical foundation for succeeding in the digital economy, whether it’s for e-commerce, D2C, vendor management, supplier onboarding, faster production or innovation. The solution for creating a single source of truth is called Master Data Management (MDM). MDM helps manufacturers to integrate multiple systems to deliver accurate and timely data across the organization and beyond. It automatically syndicates the data per vendor or channel. From demand planning, supplier sourcing to supply chain, design, vendor management, e-commerce and customer experience. Quality master data makes operational excellence, increased revenues and stronger customer relationships possible.

In this whitepaper you will learn: 
  • The Need for Digital Transformation within the Industry
  • 5 Manufacturing Trends Today
  • Top 6 Benefits of Mastering your Data as a Manufacturer
  • MDM for Manufacturing & Food Manufacturing: The Case 
  • How to Get Started: Success Factors & Pitfalls
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Post-COVID Digital Transformation for Manufacturers

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