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[WP] The choice for Headless Commerce II

Mark Blockhuys | 09-04-2020

Getting ahead of the competition, faster time-to-market and increased flexibility are key to e-commerce success today. Headless commerce promises to give you just that. As a technology approach, headless commerce keeps change and evolution foremost in mind. Essential to headless commerce is the decoupling of the customer-facing front end from the back-end layer. That gives the freedom to create personalized and connected digital experiences across all channels: true omnichannel. By seamlessly blending commerce and content, transactions can become relations. The headless commerce architecture allows you to experiment, quickly add new channels, increase your business agility and scale efficiently.

With two headless commerce white papers aimed at both the marketing and IT manager we provide a solid guide in the choice for going headless. We started in the first white paper by giving you a firm understanding of headless commerce.

In this second part, we’ll explore the choice for headless commerce: what are the business benefits? What are the considerations? And when you’ve chosen to go headless, how will this impact your organization?

  • Business Benefits of Headless Commerce
  • Considerations for a Headless Commerce Architecture
  • Deciding between a traditional or a Headless Commerce Architecture
  • The impact  going Headless would have on your organization

If you did not read the first part,

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Headless II


The Choice for Headless Commerce

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